David Reeves is an English menswear designer specializing in Bespoke and custom tailoring for men and women. David has served in many capacities in the fashion industry over the past 16 years, he’s been a designer, buyer, Bespoke house manager, store manager and area manager for companies such as Prada, Commes des Garcons and Duncan Quinn. Most importantly David has extensive experience in Made to measure and Bespoke Tailoring from Savile Row houses Gieves and Hawkes and Richard James.

Originally from Manchester in the North of England He now operates his own business “REEVES” in NYC and deals with private clients on a one to one basis producing impeccable suits, shirts, sport coats, overcoats and other items. David holds consultations at his show room 41 union square West (suite 504) by appointment.

David Reeves is not about selling a lifestyle to clients he believes that tailoring can look good standing on its own, that clothes can look good in their own right if you make them well. David Reeves clients are intelligent and informed individuals, many of which are fashion industry professionals or designers themselves. This is mainly due to the high quality of make and materials, the design aesthetic of David and his willingness to collaborate and work with his clients own sensibilities.

David Reeves suits are characterized by their finesse of styling and exceptionally clean and “neat” fit. Always carefully balancing traditional English tailoring heritage and knowhow, with keen leading edge fashion awareness. David Reeves fundamental ethos is to make the best suit he can for every client, there is no cookie cutter way to make exceptional suits and every piece is treated as an individual project by David. The process is always made simple and sociable from the clients perspective and this is one more reason why people like working with David Reeves in building their wardrobes.


For more information or to set up an appointment please Email: David@reevesbespoke.com

Linkedin profile page:


REEVES website: reeves-nyc.com


§ 3 Responses to ABOUT: DAVID REEVES

  • Chris Jacobs says:

    Hi David. My name is Chris and I am getting married this summer. I really love that blue mohair mod suit further up here. What is the price on these sort of suits and how do I go about ordering it? The wedding is taking place on August 9th in Stavern, two hours south of Oslo, Norway.
    Best Regards,

  • Ron says:

    Hello Dave,
    Nice work and thoroughly enjoyed your reviews on Style Forum.

    do you have a tumblr page?

  • John says:

    Love your work

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