Re imagining British tailoring, to create the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.
David Reeves Bespoke suits are the luxurious and understated choice of the modern Gentleman, polished and distinguished, they always garner admiration for all the right reasons.
Not to be confused with “made to measure” (MTM) my suits have individual patterns made, stored and amended for every client to ensure a clean and neat fit. All cloth is cut by hand and garments come with a full floating chest canvas and hand stitched functioning buttonholes as standard to name a few of their features. Styling options are virtually limitless and I will take you through the best options for your needs in an easy manner. For the more advanced “Sartorialists” I will happily discuss issues of fit and style down to the finest detail. Made locally in New York, I personally visit the shop at least three times a week to ensure production is going smoothly on every garment and I maintain my own  workshop next to my showroom at 41 Union Square for alterations, repairs and finishing.

The David Reeves’ “house style” is unapologetically English. Excellence of fit, subtle design and style, high end construction and the finest cloth are the hallmarks of a David Reeves suit. Uncommonly I simply dare to just make great custom clothes, that can stand on their own merits without the need for hollow gimmicks.

Lining detail

A Reeves Bespoke suit starts at $4000 with a 50% deposit to start and 50% on delivery of the garment. A suit for a first time client usually takes 3 months to complete. At Reeves we currently produce around 300 Bespoke suits per year, which keeps me busy 12 hours a day 6 days a week so I do not currently offer Made to measure tailoring, off the rack or alterations, instead I focus on simply producing the finest Bespoke tailoring.

Appointments are held at 41 union square suite 504 New York 10003

Consultations for this special service can be booked by calling me on 917 783 2270 or by Email: David@davidreevesbespoke.com



  • wow,what an amazing collection you have,i never see such an amazing creativity in bespoke suits,and the best thing is that these can be easily affordable ,thanks david ,keep up the good work and keep posting.

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