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Describe the steps taken during the initial consultation to insure the client’s ultimate satisfaction.

It’s all rather simple and informal really. I will usually sit a client down, sometimes over a drink, and start asking him or her about themselve’s. Those questions actually give me clues about the client’s lifestyle, so that I can zone in one what they are looking to order. We’ll go over cloths, after narrowing down the selection to weight, price point and maybe color. After the cloth is selected, we pick a lining and talk about style options, this is actually quite straight forward. Then I measure up the client. The whole process of this first initial meeting should take about an hour.


The key here is obviously to take accurate measurements and log the specifications carefully, but getting to know the client is very important. Tailors have a saying… a good tailor doesn’t just fit the body, he fits the heart as well.

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