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We are simply one of the very few makers in the U.S.A that make an authentic, hand made, Bespoke suit, in the traditional English Savile row style.

We do not make these suits in any factory. Over 50 hours of skilled local labor go into making a David Reeves Bespoke suit, we make and store individual patterns and perform 3 basted fittings as standard. That amounts to a suit that is structured and sharp, yet soft and comfortable, a suit with over 6000 hand stitches put into its construction.

Please click on the images below to see handwork in greater detail:

The best that we can make you.

Appointments are held at the Dormeuil showroom in Midtown Manhattan or at a location of the clients choice subject to schedule and distance.

Consultations for this special service can be booked with David by calling 917 783 2270 or by Email: David@davidreevesbespoke.com



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