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Here is a bit of a look you see more around London’s Sloane square than you do Tribeca. I took this the other day by kind permission of my client after his “slip on” fitting. A slip on fitting is the last fitting before we add buttonholes and buttons to a jacket. It comes after the try on or basted fitting. This is important especially because (of course) David Reeves suits come as standard with hand stitched working buttonholes on the cuff. Once the button holes are cut its rather difficult to make the sleeve shorter or longer.

This gentleman is wearing a custom David Reeves sport coat and corduroy trouser. The tweed for the sport coat was sourced direct from the Dormeuil show room in midtown. The Cords are made from Dormeuil wool and cashmere from their casuals book and were shipped from Paris. This is quite a classic outfit in its way, but the color of the trousers looks very sharp and modern. An easy outfit to wear and maintain but very smart and striking. The tweed jacket perhaps the most versatile big ticket item of clothing a man can own, is also great worn casually with a nice pair of jeans.

Jacket lining and a second pair of trousers in Orange with yellow trim


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